Why Is It Special


The minimalist and intuitive user interface makes BeMore easy to learn and use.


Our design tools are based on 10+ game design methodology books used by professional game designers


Choose and rate the game design practices that best fit your unique professional workflow

Level up!

BeMore Game Design Strategies is a tool to help game designers of all experience levels improve their practice and gain insight into their own design behavior. The design tools are selected from 10+ books on game design theory, and compiled by experienced game designers.

Awesome Features


Every game design tool features an in-depth explanation by an experienced game designer, on how, when and why to use a certain tool, and the pros and cons of each one.


Discover new ways to improve your workflow by scrolling through our list of game design tools and methods.


Keep track of the time you spend on each game design activity with our session timer.


Develop your own professional pipeline by choosing your favorite design practices.


Write down your thoughts and findings after each game design session.


Keep a diary of past game design sessions and practices, and determine where you can improve.